Parent Patrolling (Tokyo campus)

One of the conditions for recognition from Metropolitan Government is that we follow all of their rules. One of these rules regards the students at various critical traffic crossings. We need parents help for this. For that we ask all parents to send their convenient days to monitor the crossings. There are two shifts: morning and afternoon. Morning duty starts at 8:30 AM and ends at 9:05 AM. Afternoon duty starts at 3:05 PM and ends at 3:40 PM Every parent will do it only two times in a year and those who have more than one child will do three times in a year. Those who will not monitor, will have to pay 5,000 yen for one day’s duty so that someone else can be mobilized in your place. The website’s link is given below and will let you choose your convenient days throughout the year. Dates will be chosen on first come first serve basis.


Please come to the school office a little before that time in order to collect safety jackets, flags and be given instructions about where to stand. Also don’t forget to sign the attendance sheet so we can confirm your presence of monitoring.


The following platform is meant to be used as an on-line sign up system to monitor patrolling duties.


1. Click on the following link or paste it in your web browser

2. Select the day on which you would like to monitor, select a time (morning or afternoon duties) and then click on the “Confirm” button.

3. Enter your son/daughter’s full name & grade, your email address and contact number and click on the “Schedule Event" button.

4. A confirmation mail will be sent to you after a short delay as well as two reminders (48 hours before and the day before the duty).

NOTE : Please make sure you do not book more than one slot per person in the same morning/afternoon

IISJ - Parents Association

The Parents Association supports and enhances the school through programs and activities involving parents, faculty, and staff and allows for effective channels of communication among the school and parents. All parents are required to register themselves with this association. The executive committee heads the association and is elected at the annual meeting. The board holds periodic meetings, which are open to all parents, and encourages participation at any level.

Parents Association Board Tokyo (2017 - 2018)

Parent Association Board - Tokyo Campus
  1. Ms Manjiri T
  2. Ms Pradnya B
  3. Ms Madhura P
  4. Ms Hashini
  5. Ms. Rathy P
  6. Ms Jaspreet D
  7. Ms Bhavya
  8. Ms Shruti P
Carnival Committee
  1. Ms Asha
  2. Ms. Anuja
  3. Ms. Shreya
  4. Ms. Neethu
  5. Ms. Shali
  6. Ms. Paramjeet
  7. Ms. Priti
  8. Ms. Lavanya
  9. Ms Mamatha
  10. Ms Amrita

School Carnival
This year's School Carnival will be held on July 1st 2017.

Please contact IISJ Parents Association Tokyo at in case of any queries.

Parents Association Board Yokohama (2015 - 2016)

President : Ms. Visalakshmi
Vice President : Ms. Vedha Priya
Secretary : Ms.Subbiah
Ms. Keiko Uemazu
Treasurer : Ms. Shubha

Please contact IISJ Parents Association - Yokohama at in case of any queries.