IISJ Library's Policies & Procedures

The School Library in Teaching and Learning for All

The School Library provides information and ideas that are fundamental to functioning successfully in today's information and knowledge-based society. The school library equips students with life-long learning skills and develops the imagination, enabling them to live as responsible citizens. The School Library offers learning services, books and resources that enable all members of the school community to become critical thinkers and effective users of information in all formats and media.

About the Library


The school Library is open every school day from 9:00am to 4:00pm. We are not open on school holidays or weekends.

Overdue Books

If students forget library books you cannot checkout new books. When you return the overdue books you may then check out new books even if it is not your regular library day. Students are fined for overdue books: ¥10 per book per day (so don't forget your books!) If you are absent from school you will not be fined for late books. If you have overdue book/s , you lose the privilege of borrowing until the overdue book/s have been returned. Reminder notices are sent every week for overdue books.

Lost or Damaged Items

If you lose a book or it is damaged in some way, you will have to pay for it. Notices are sent to your parents informing them what book/s have been lost or damaged and the cost of replacing the book/s. If a lost book is 'found' and is in good condition, the replacement cost is refunded in full.

Library Manners

The library is a special place in the school and while general school rules apply, there are a few extra 'manners' we ask every library user to follow.
  • 1. Talk and walk quietly in the library.
  • 2. No food or drink allowed.
  • 3. Treat books like a friend - handle all books with care, have clean hands, turn the pages at the corners, use a bookmark and use a library bag to carry the books if possible.
  • 4. Return library books on time.
  • 5. Report 'sick' books - if you find a book with a torn or loose page, ripped cover or any type of damage, show the library staff so it can be repaired.
  • 6. Ask for help! - the library staff are here to help you.
  • 7. No cellular phones in the library.