Curriculum and rules for the IISJ Physical Education Program

1 . Preparedness

  • Sneakers (any brand) rubber or leather soles are fine. No dress shoes will be allowed in the gym during gym class. Socks are required any length is fine but their will be no bare feet in the gym except when instructed to do so for example gymnastics class when mats will be in use. Long stockings for girls will be acceptable in class. No shirts in class.

  • School T-shirt or if not available regular shirt (warm weather) Sweatshirt or Jersey is acceptable (cold weather) no dress shirts and no blazers inside the gym. During cold weather days t-shirt and sweatshirt combination if possible) Shorts or sweatpants for the bottoms are acceptable(cold or warm weather

  • Change Time: all classes will have five minutes at the beginning of the gym period and 5 minutes at the end of the period to change clothes. All change of clothes will take place in the Gym if possible. Places will be allocated so that students may change their clothes.

  • Two consecutive unprepared days will result in no play for that day (preparedness as explained by rules a-b-c) if any of the above rules is not complied it will constitute as an unprepared on the record. 5 unprepared marks in 1 term will result in a reduction of grade by 1 rank (for example A-B, B-C, C-D). Absences do not constitute as an unprepared, if student is unprepared he or she will write a short essay on why they were unprepared and will sit and watch in the gym class. After 2 consecutive unprepared notices these students will report to the principal for advisement.

2. Conduct

All exercises must be done with the maximum effort. There will be no talking during the exercises. The reason the quicker the exercises are done the sooner the next activity can be accomplished. During the performance of the exercises if someone talks their will be a stoppage and warning. During the exercises if there is consecutive stoppages for warnings playtime will be shorten. While the exercises are taking place and students persist on non-cooperation they will be sent to the principal for advisement and possible suspension of playtime and gym entrance.

3. Beverages

PET bottles are allowed but must not be left in the gym. No can beverages should be drunk inside the gym. Water bottles are acceptable but must not be left in the gym. The types of beverages that should be drunk are for example tea, sports drinks or water. No carbonated drinks should be in the water bottle. Drinking during the class is necessary but only when the instructor says so. Water breaks will be announced (min. every 20 minutes)

4. Cleaning

The maintenance of the gym is important to insure that there are no injuries due to slipping or falling. This will be done at the beginning of each period both boys and girls will divide themselves to different parts of the gym and use a gym mop to mop the floor. After the mopping the students will shake the mops and clean the dust off each mop unless specified by the teacher. There are no exceptions all students must contribute to the cleaning of the gym. The exception is when a student is suffering from respiration problems, in that case student must stay in there home room or other class room. Littering is not allowed all garbage must be picked up and thrown away in the garbage receptacles in the gym or outside.

5. Equipment

All equipment must be put away before leaving the gym. All balls, score stands, timers, etc. must be put away unless instructed by the teacher. All equipment must be used correctly; improper usage of the equipment will result in the stoppage or suspension of play for the rest of the period. All equipment must be maintained so that all students in the school may use them. Proper usage of equipment means more enjoyable games and experience in the class. The sharing of equipment is part of the discipline necessary for all students to have a healthy and competitive sports experience

6. Entrance and Departure of the Gym.

The orderly entrance and exiting of the gym provides a quick way to be ready for the next class and the safety of the students as they go up the staircases to go up to their classrooms. Horseplay during the exiting or entering of the gym usually creates a risk for injury or other possible misbehavior if such horseplay for example pushing and shoving and jumping down steps these actions will cause a stoppage and possible return to the homeroom and a loss of playtime.

7. Fair Play and Language

All students should treat each other with proper manners and courtesy if these are down then fair play and competitive play are possible. When there is a breakdown of the courtesies, bad language and fighting are bound to occur. In the cases that there is a breech in courtesy or bad language occurring then all play will stop until matter is resolved and then play will continue if there is a persistence of such action then the student or students will be sent to the principal for advisement. The coach feels that these breakdowns in manners are the cause for most suspension of sporting events during the class. This also causes a slow development of the concepts that the coach is trying to teach. The continuing of bad manners and courtesies might result in the coach's recommendation of suspension from the class for a period of time.

8. Goals of Gym Class

This is to provide proper physical experience and promote teamwork inside the class. To start from simple drill to more advance games and competition. The purpose of gym class is to promote fair play, teamwork and the following of directions and instruction.

  • I. Test: There will be quarterly test given. These tests will consist of stamina and flexibility and improvement in overall conditioning. The test will be a small part of the overall grade at the end of each term. The first test will be held in September, Second test in June and the last test will be held in February.

  • II. The test will take one to two weeks to finish so all students should be prepared on those days. There will be a 2 week preparation period so all students know what will be on the test and what must they practice.